Cooke Mini S4is (Panchros)


A set of 6 T2.8 Cooke Mini S4 (Panchro) primes:

18mm (CF 10")
25mm (CF 10")
32mm (CF 12")
50mm (CF 20")
75mm (CF 2'6")
100mm (CF 3')

Smaller, lighter, less wallet-damaging versions of the popular Cooke S4/i lenses.

Protex flight case containing 6x T2.8 Cooke Panchro Prime Lenses:
18mm (CF 0.8ft)
25mm (CF 0.8ft)
32mm (CF 0.95ft)
50mm (CF 1.6ft)
75mm (CF 2.4ft)
100mm (CF 2.8ft)
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