Arri 3-head kit (inc. softbox)


Daily Rate: £55  Weekly Rate: £220

Versatile kit, this: 3 x fresnel heads from 650-800w, with a speed ring and softbox.

Fresnels. Dimmable. Flood/spot.
Kit comes with one stand per light.

Arri Hard Lighting Case
800 W RedHead
650w Fresnels
650w Fresnels
3 x Barn Doors
2 x Circular gel holders
2 x  13amp 4way Ext
12 x  Croc Clips
2 x 13A Circuit Breaker
4 x Spare Lamps
10 x Fuses
Ronford Tall Hard Case
3 x Calumet Lightweight Stands
Gel Pack
SilverDome Soft Box
4 x Interior Nylon Loops
Inner Baffle Diffuser
4 x  Baffle clips
4 x Rods
Face Diffuser
Soft Box Soft Case

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